Prioritizing Pandemic Preparedness


Experience Accelerates Innovation

Developing globally impactful new medicines to potentially serve the needs of billions of patients requires innovating every part of the process, from drug design through commercialization. Our team harnessed decades of experience in medicinal chemistry, structure-based drug design, oncology, virology, and infectious disease to help solve pandemic-sized problems with medicines that can reach patients everywhere. Our approach has been shaped by a sense of urgency to treat globally prevalent viral diseases and future viral threats starting with COVID-19. Collectively, we advanced pomotrelvir from concept through phase 2 testing in under three years.


Modern Medicines for Global Use

Since inception, Pardes has been designing and developing novel drug candidates to specifically target SARS-CoV-2, the rapidly evolving virus responsible for COVID-19. We have prioritized the design of novel drug candidates with broad-spectrum pan-coronavirus activity, enhanced selectivity, a lower likelihood of drug-drug interactions (DDI), and safety profiles that would limit side effects and enable broad eligibility for global use. Our lead program, pomotrelvir, our research assets, and intellectual property are available for partnering. Contact us here.

Modern Drug Design. Modern Medicines.
Modern Drug Design. Modern Medicines.