Modernizing Medicines and the Model


Experience Accelerates Innovation

Bringing globally impactful medicines to market to potentially serve the needs of billions of patients requires innovating every part of the process, from drug design through commercialization. Our team has decades of experience in medicinal chemistry, structure-based drug design, oncology, virology, and infectious disease. Together, we seek to solve pandemic-sized problems with medicines that can reach patients everywhere. Our approach is shaped by a sense of urgency to treat globally prevalent viral diseases, whether pandemic or endemic, starting with COVID-19.


Modern Drug Design. Modern Medicines.

Pardes is designing and developing novel drug candidates to specifically target SARS-CoV2, the rapidly evolving virus responsible for COVID-19. Our chemistry platform consists of “warheads” that are designed to be both reversible in nature and tunable in their reactivity to form a temporary covalent chemical bond with a target protein. We believe that using reversible covalent chemical bonding may give our drug candidates improved properties, such as enhanced activity and selectivity, and may reduce the likelihood of “off-target” reactions that could cause undesirable side effects. Our chemistry platform and approach has the potential to be adapted for use against other viral and human targets.

Modern Drug Design. Modern Medicines.
Modern Drug Design. Modern Medicines.

Reimagining the patient journey

Better Chemistry Deserves a Better Access Model

At Pardes, we believe the best medicines are the ones that are available to patients when and where they are needed, wherever they live in the world. It will take innovation, partnership, and rapidly deployable oral drugs to address the disparities in care that exist in the treatment of many prevalent diseases. Our go-to-market model envisions capitalizing on emerging patient-friendly innovations, from telehealth to new test-at-home and point-of-care diagnostic tools, to shape our strategy. As we work to discover and develop new drugs, we are looking to form partnerships with like-minded organizations to help co-create a better experience for patients. We’re on a mission to stop a pandemic and start a movement so patients everywhere can get well sooner.