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About Us

COVID-19 is the most significant global health crisis of our lifetime.

615 M


6.5 M


And counting…

We founded Pardes Biosciences to help stop this pandemic and prevent the next, so patients everywhere can get well sooner.


Modernizing Medicines and the Model

We are harnessing modern structure-based drug design and our tunable, reversible covalent chemistry platform to enable the discovery of new medicines for a potentially broad range of pandemic and endemic viral diseases – from COVID-19 to the common cold – while reimagining the patient journey to access these medicines.

Growing Our Pipeline


Growing Our Pipeline

Our lead product candidate, PBI-0451, is an oral coronavirus Main protease (Mpro) inhibitor being developed to treat and prevent COVID-19. The FDA has granted PBI-0451 Fast Track designation, and we are actively enrolling patients in a Phase 2 clinical trial.

Growing Our Pipeline


Join Us. Change Medicine.

The pandemic changed everything. Join us in cultivating and harvesting the fruits of systemic change, as we reimagine the model for bringing new medicines to patients.